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Get JavaGD bridge to R working with Maven and Netbeans

To get JavaGD working in a non-Maven environment is difficult enough. More difficulties arise with the use of Maven. Maven is usually very helpful when dealing with external libraries. The problem is that the necessary jars are not available in an official Maven repository (not fully true, see last remark). To get the Java bridge… Read More »

ta4j without Maven

To get the ta4j library run without a Maven pom.xml you have to add the following JARs to your project: Take care of the correct versions of the JARs.

Make bridge between R and Java work

Making the interface between R and Java work is not easy. There a few steps to do before it will work. These steps were necessary on OSX with NetBeans IDE: Edit the NetBeans config file Add libraries to your project Adjust run setting for the Java VM Edit NetBeans config This first step is necessary… Read More »

Plotting from R into a Java JDialog with JavaGD

Plotting from R into a Java GUI can be very painful. My problems can be watched in this video: JavaGD Here is source code that solves the problem after help from the mailing list: You should remove or adapt the lines of code containing information about the “package moneytrax”. This code does not solve… Read More »

Clipboard (“Copy / Paste”) problem in Java

At first check the locations of the file java.policy: There may be several files: Usually you can ignore the files in /Application. Edit the rest, e.g.: Add the following line within the block “grant { .. }” and save: Repeat this with the other files until you can use the clipboard.