Get JavaGD bridge to R working with Maven and Netbeans

By | 17. Januar 2016

To get JavaGD working in a non-Maven environment is difficult enough. More difficulties arise with the use of Maven. Maven is usually very helpful when dealing with external libraries. The problem is that the necessary jars are not available in an official Maven repository (not fully true, see last remark). To get the Java bridge run you need to add these jars manually to Maven:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-01-16 um 23.36.16

Find the necessary jars

It is not recommended to simply download the jars from the internet and add them to Maven. It is preferrable to install the javagd module in R first. Then you can find the first three jars commonly in:


The javaGD.jar in:


Manually add jars to the Maven dependencies

This is quite simple: navigate to ‘dependencies’, chose ‘add dependency’, enter more or less correct details. Then right-click the new dependency and chose ‘manually install artifact’. Here you can navigate to the locations you found above and add the jars.

You may find more details how to do this here.

If you’re annoyed by warnings you can cure them with this advice here.

Configuring Netbeans

Check the following steps:

  • Adapt netbeans.conf.
  • Properties -> Actions -> ‘Run projects’: Add to exec.args
  • Add the same to exec.args for Properties -> Actions -> ‘Run file via main()’
  • Check your source code: “You must specify a correct direction to the the class which implements all gdXXX methods and constructors of org.rosuda.JavaGD.JavaGD and the class name must be in fully-qualified JNI notation. If the class is part of a package (e.g. my.package), this should be set to:”

If you now run your program and you get a class path exception this will be caused by wrong ‘-Djava…’. If you get a strange graphic behaviour this will be caused by a wrong direction to the the class which implements all gdXXX methods.

Final remark

Hopefully once you can find the jars in a public Maven repository and add them easily.

Found, but not checked:

  • JavaGD is now avalable for Maven as part of Renjin. Have a look here.
  • Rengine and JRI on Maven you may find here.
  •  JRI artifact from rJava and the REngine and JRIEngineyou may find here.